1-2-1 Training Positive Presenting Training & Coaching


Hil Gibb, from Taking Charge Of Your Success, is our 1-2-1 media training partner.

For more information:

Visit: www.tcoys.co.uk

Email: hil@tcoys.co.uk

Phone: 01526 830687


For the majority of us, however competent in our roles as MDs and business leaders, the thought of making a presentation in front of our workforce or a wider audience, live or via media, fills us with dread.

Statistically, a high percentage of us claim that we would prefer death to giving a speech or presenting. Even comedian Jerry Seinfeld used to joke that, at a funeral, most people would rather be lying in the casket than delivering the eulogy!

This response to, and during, a presentation cripples our capacity to convey what we are normally totally knowledgeable and confident in. The opportunity for others to see us in our true light, and the effectiveness of getting our messages across, and making a really positive impact, are hugely inhibited…

  • There’s acute physical tension
  • Stress levels rise sharply
  • The inner voice spreads doubt and criticism
  • The brain goes to mush
  • Sentences get tangled
  • Individual words become unintelligible
  • Content meanders off message
  • Discomfort and embarrassment reach new highs
  • Confidence reaches new lows

And all this can start happening, repeatedly, even days before you’ve started to make or record the actual presentation!

Consider this…

  • How much time, effort and, therefore money would it save to not have the above response before and during presentations?
  • How much discomfort, embarrassment and un-productivity would it avoid?
  • How much would you rather have consistently effective, positive strategies for the successful preparation and delivery of your presentations?

1-2-1 Positive Presenting Training and Coaching is designed to…

  • meet your individual needs
  • address your individual hindering responses and behaviours, transforming them to be helpful
  • increase your confidence in preparing and delivering presentations in a variety of settings
  • improve the quality of your presenting regarding content and delivery
  • support you in your endeavours to influence, inform and inspire
  • challenge, empower and be enjoyable

What’s in it for You? – Outcomes: You gain…

  • skills in consistently maintaining a positive mental, emotional and physical state for the delivery of confident, high quality, impactful presentations
  • skills and empowering, positive states that reach beyond presenting and into the day-to-day dealings of business
  • skills in using physical presence effectively to secure good relationships with the audience without even saying a word
  • skills in making your choice of words count, in presentations and far beyond
  • time-saving, practical tips for the consistent planning and content creation of effective presentations in any context

Delivery: 1-2-1 sessions both in, and out of, the studio. Since the programme is designed to be bespoke, and each of us is unique in our needs, habits and processing, the number and timings of the sessions is not fixed.

Typically, the programme spans across 8 sessions of 2 hours and would involve an investment of £1,600.