Sponsorship Activation

CWM Studios can help maximise returns on your sponsorship investment by getting your brand in front of fans, and activating your sport sponsorship.

Effective sponsorship activation creates a positive impact on your brand’s image, strengthening customer relationships and trust in the brand.

Promotion and activation of sponsorships - and maximising all assets available - are crucial factors in magnifying a sponsorship’s impact.

Research shows that for every £1 spent on sponsorship, between another £1 and £1.70 is required for successful activation.

Sponsorship activation, done in a meaningful way, has the potential to build a brand’s identity which in turn increases brand strength and delivers increased revenues.

We can help you communicate your passion, giving fans a reason to engage with your brand, adding more value than just being a name on the front of a team shirt or around the ground.
Your message can be part of a larger communications strategy, designed to achieve the brand's goals.
Successful activation is the key to delivering a successful sponsorship.
Through creating engaging branded rich media content (audio, video) and social media campaigns, delivering it through our platforms and distributing it to news agencies we can help build consumer loyalty, further strengthening the brand and adding value to the sponsorship package.
We can customise advertising packages to suit your requirements - to include section or tournament-specific advertising campaigns, competitions, social media promotion, and exclusive section sponsorship.
CWM Studios will identify, plan and execute opportunities to enhance your brand, bring your sponsorship to life and maximise returns on your sponsorship investment, whether this is your first sports sponsorship opportunity or you want to improve and make the most of your current sponsorship deal.
Our team of specialist cricket contributors we can tailor make a package to include editorial opportunities, in-article promotion and product placement.


Sponsorship Activation

  • Effective sponsorship activation defines the success of a sponsorship acquisition

  • Magnify the impact of your sponsorship to build your brand’s identity

  • Whether you are a big or a small sponsor in the world of cricket we can assist you to activate your sponsorship in a meaningful way

  • We can provide up to the minute quality branded content to support your sponsorship brand asset or ambassador  – video, audio or written copy

  • In addition, we can ensure that this content is distributed to all the relevant media broadcasters and news agencies