Adding Video To The Traditional PR Package

Adding video to the traditional PR package increases its impact and widens the opportunities for exposure.

Create a big impact at events

Do you need a powerful opener to a conference or a dramatic backdrop for an awards ceremony or a big hitting video for a roadshow or launch?

Professionally-developed corporate videos entertain, inform and sell. Broadcast projects are an effective way to engage an audience, deliver complex information simply and quickly, and bring the brand to life.

Add extra weight to an online press release

Assuming a press release is genuinely newsworthy, adding video to the package increases its impact and widens opportunities for its exposure. Why don't you create a VNR (video news release) to reinforce core messages in engaging way.

A pitch tool to give your presentation to potential clients that extra oomph!

With technology continually advancing at a rapid rate, PowerPoint doesn't look that 'powerful' anymore. Video can create the necessary 'wow factor'.

A promotional tool on your website or blog

Video content is an increasingly prominent feature of internet/mobile phone news and sport services. Video makes it easy to share and creates a buzz about the story for blogs, micro-blogs, forums and viral marketing. Videos can also attract attention from search engine traffic, especially when supported by a keyword-rich title and a paragraph about its content.

A lasting record of a launch

Video offers a lasting memory of the event and continues to convey the message. Video brings an extra dimension to events and can it then be used again as a DVD show reel or webcast.