Optimising Your Website Footer

In a previous article, we have written about the importance of optimising your on-page content, your videos, your YouTube channel but there is another area which sometimes gets overlooked - your footer.

You can use links in your footer to drive traffic to your most important pages and those you want to promote by adding their URL at the bottom of your page.

There is nothing unusual or special about these links, they behave just as any other would. You can link to main sections of the website, hidden pages and sections that may be sub-sections of others and therefore not easy to navigate to in one or two clicks. You can use these links to promote your chosen keywords.

You want to avoid simply recreating your main navigation (menu) in your footer. This can be counter-productive as duplication of content is discouraged. It is better to add some keywords, even if the links you use are similar to those in the main navigation. This is also the last part of the page that your visitors will see, so include some interesting content to keep their attention.

If you have a website which relies on graphics to direct users to sections and pages, the footer lniks offer an opportunity to include keyword links that are easily read by a search engine. You might also want to include a promotional sentence detailing your services or what your website is about so the footer doesn't just look like a load of unrelated links.

Also include © and your company to show that you own your content. You could also add contact details. This is a common feature of many websites, and many users, if they can't immediately see a contact button at the top will scroll straight to the bottom to find an email address, a telephone number or social media links.

Keep it smart, check your links and don't duplicate your main menu.