Planning Check Sheet - Things To Consider...

So, you've booked a film shoot. But what do you need to do before the cameras start rolling? This is a (by no means exhaustive) list of things that we would advise you to think about before we begin filming.

Backdrop | Graphics | Intro/Outro | Logos | Music | Straplines | Voiceover


Are you happy with it? Have you let us know exactly what needs to be included?


Have you supplied us with your logo? How and where do you want it to appear on the video?



Have you supplied us with the names/titles/company name required? What colours should we use? What style?



Do you want any on-screen graphics/text to reinforce your message? What style? When? Where on the page – full screen, underneath or to the side?



Have you given us the contact details for a call to action? What else do we need to include? What sort of style do you want?



Do you need music and if so, what sort? Pick from our library or have something composed?


Who is writing the script? What sort of voice would you prefer? Will you need it in different languages?